A Pediatric Dental Practice With An Outer Space Theme

At the foundation of every successful dental office design is a theme or feel that the doctor would like to project for their practice. This might be a “tranquil” theme that promotes a calm feeling with a serene environment. Or a “professional” theme that instills a feeling of confidence and efficiency.

And somethimes we have the opportunity to really stretch our creative abilities and come up with a fun theme that really differentiates a dental office design in the most unique way.

Something really different!

We recently had the opportunity to do a truly unique theme for a pediatric dental practice. This dentist wanted an outer space theme appropriate for children ages three to early teens. Given this wider age range, we wanted to please the audience without being too childlike, but not too “out there” either. We had choices like a “Jetsons” or Star Wars” feel, but decided to go with our own look not borrowing from any existing concept.

My first thought was color – and lots of it. Most outer space themes lend themselves to being dark and mysterious, but I wanted to project taking a journey to a happy planet. Create a little “outer space” adventure for the patients visiting the dentist.

So our journey begins in the Flight Zone Waiting Area.

As you enter the suite you sign in at the Check In Desk made of dazzling plum colored metal and lime green solid surface counters. 

When the receptionist is not checking you in she returns to flying the ship at the Control Panel.

You may seat yourself down in the Flight Zone Lounge

where you can watch the stars circling overhead through the Skylight

or gaze out the Flight Zone Viewing Window at the distant planets.

When it’s time for take-off, you pass through the Rocket Door Entry.

Through the Rocket Door, you enter the Space Corridor.

Along the Space Corridor, you encounter a Friendly Alien smiling back at you through the porthole …

on your way past the Tooth Sickbay.

You look up to see the Moonroof

as you walk towards the Friendly Planet ahead to your final destination.

All finishings selected were shiny and bright to give a fun, cheerful affect. Lots of metal everywhere for that futuristic spaceship idea. Even the solid vinyl floors had a sparkly iridescent quality. The faux painting was the magic touch providing the extra essence to complete the theme.

The doctors are thrilled with their Outer Space look and are showered with awe and complements from their patients.

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