We create unique and exclusive dental office designs that enhance your dental practice in 4 important ways ...

Innovative - you will stand out from the rest with a unique and beautiful dental office design that surrounds your patients with a feeling of comfort and inspires a sense of trust and confidence.

Efficient - you'll appreciate an efficiently designed space layout that will significantly improve your productivity and make your dental practice a joy to operate.

Painless - we ensure that you avoid the many complex code, zoning and regulatory pitfalls saving you thousands of dollars and mountains of grief.

Unique - we offer unparalleled service from the beginning to end of your project. No other design firm delivers the level of service we provide.

Dental Office Design

Smart dental office design is important to your bottom line but building a new dental office today has become a tangle of complexities and pitfalls and many doctors are unaware of the potential problems.

Being in the unique position as an expert in dental office design and with many years experience dealing with city planners, I can help resolve issues that may save you thousands of dollars.

As a Certified Interior Designer with over 1,300 dental offices to my credit, I use a an exclusive customized pre-planning approach that ensures we address the potential issues and design your office to fit your needs, guaranteeing your plans will go through plancheck.

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Dental Office Design – What Is Space Allocation And Why Is It So Important

Many times a new client comes to me to design their dental office after they have committed to a particular space. They believe that they need the same amount of space in their new office as they had in the former office.

However, over the years, building codes have changed many times. In fact, typically, the codes change as frequently as every three years. Each time the codes change the amount of space needed is increased primarily because of the Americans With Disability Act requirements.

This brings us to the question of how much additional space is needed to accommodate the same number of operatories and meet the new codes. This is where Space Allocation comes in.

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Dental Office Design In Seattle

Last year a dentist from Seattle, WA saw our website. Dr. S. called me and asked if I could design her new office. She said that she and husband were not happy with what had been previously designed for them by a local company. I told her that I have done dental office design for many offices throughout the United States and that I would be happy to help.

Seattle Dental Office Design

Being quite relieved she paid for my flight from California to Seattle so that I could measure the space of the office she purchased and provide her with a space allocation to determine how best to meet her needs within the existing square footage.  However she was somewhat concerned whether I would be able to submit her plans to the local building department for approval.

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Dental Office Design – Pay Attention To Disabled Access Regulations

Thank you to the many doctors who have provided positive feedback for my “Don’t Assume” blog posts. Many of my clients have shared with me how they have used the dental office design information to their advantage.

For a change of pace, I’ve decided to begin a new series of blog posts based on the many situations that occur during my field inspections. I hope you continue to find these dental office design insights valuable and helpful.

To start off the series, let me share with you one of the most common dental office design issues that comes up. That would be disabled access and the many codes and regulations that you need to be aware of.

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Dental Office Design – Sample Elevations and Drawings

One of the most critical steps to achieve your ideal dental office design is a carefully prepared and well-thought out plan with precise drawings that articulate every detail. More important, a dental office design needs to match your specific needs and requirements that best utilize your office space. And every dental practice, office space and building requirement is unique, hence the name of my company “Unique Interior Designs”.

What About Those Generic Floor Plans?

Don’t be tempted to solve your unique and specific office design by trying to utilize a generic, boilerplate dental office floor plan. Perhaps you have seen these drawings? You might be thinking, in an attempt to save a few dollars, that some sort of generic or standard dental office floor-plan layout for a 1500 square foot space should do the trick.

You’d be making a big mistake, actually. There really is no such thing as a “standard dental office floor plan” that would work in every situation or would actually meet the specific needs and requirements that you have for your dental practice.

I Don’t Provide Generic Dental Office Floor Plans

For this reason, I refrain from making generalized dental office floor plans available on this website. I would be doing you a disservice if I somehow led you to believe these boilerplate floor plans would actually work for your dental office.

Nonetheless, I am asked from time to time …. “hey George, it would be helpful if I could see a sample of your work.  Could you provide some sample drawings and designs to look at  …”

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Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume A General Inspection Is Enough Before Purchasing Or Leasing A Property

When purchasing a home most home buyers have their house inspected so they know what the potential problems are before purchasing. For instance, is the roof in good condition, is the plumbing and electrical up to date?

While this may be extremely beneficial for home buyers, it’s not nearly enough for dental office suites. I have worked with many doctors who did a general inspection and felt their dental office property was worth the investment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Dental Office Design General Building InspectionHere’s an example from a client of mine that will give you a better illustration of what I’m talking about …

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Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume That You Can Deal With The City By Yourself

Through a series of articles that I continue to publish here at the Unique Interior Designs website, I hope that I’ve been able to communicate the value that a qualified dental office design professional can bring to the table. Sometimes the best examples that I can provide come directly from some of my clients in the form of a much appreciated testimonial.

If you have been following this blog, you know that one of the key dental office design principles that I preach over and over again is “don’t assume anything”. In a testimonial from Dr. Howard Glassman (see below), one of my recent clients, here’s a perfect example that clearly demonstrates this point.

I worked recently with Dr. Howard Glassman to design his new dental office. The first issues that I noticed would need some attention were various weak points in the air conditioning and disabled access aspects in the new office space. Because Dr. Glassman was able to bring me in before he signed the lease, I was able to work with the landlord to correct these issues at no additional cost to my client. As Dr. Glassman notes, he wouldn’t have known to check these areas.

The dentists that I work with are certainly capable business men and women, however, most of my clients would not be sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced in these areas to negotiate these type of items with the landlord.

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Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume That You Won’t Have To Do Major Construction To The Building That You Want To Buy

If you’re thinking about buying the building where you plan to operate your dental practice, you’ll want to have the property and building thoroughly evaluated by a qualified dental office interior designer before you make any commitments. You don’t want to be caught by surprise only to discover you may have to pay for expensive additional construction work to bring the building into compliance with local building regulations and codes.

In this next article, I’d like to share with you an example from my dental office design practice that brings some of these issues to light.

Enlist A Qualified Dental Office Design Professional To Perform A Full Review and Analysis of Your Building and Property

Dr. G. wanted to move his dental practice to a new location. When he saw an office building up for sale he thought it was not only a great location for his dental office, but he could convert the building into a medical/dental building as well. Based on his previous experience, Dr. G. had known it was best to have the building checked out before he made the commitment. So Dr. G. called me in to do a thorough analysis and review of the building and property.

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Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume You Don’t Need A Real Estate Lawyer or Lease Negotiator

When you enter into a lease arrangement for your new dental office don’t make the mistake of giving away your negotiating leverage before you have a qualified interior designer review your dental office design. Here’s a real world example of what I’m talking about.

Dental Office Design - Office For LeaseDr. D had already signed his lease by the time I met him at the shopping center site where his new dental office was to be located.

We met to review the space allocation that I prepare with clients to advise them how to best maximize the square footage within their suite and still meet disabled access codes.

As a Certified Interior Designer, one of my design services is to check the path of travel from the public way to the suite entrance for disable access deficiencies. It is necessary for the path of travel to be barrier free in order to pass city code requirements.

Disable Access is a key Dental Office Design Factor

As disable access is one of my areas of expertise it was obvious to me that the path of travel would not meet the code requirements. I suggested that Dr. D. make his landlord aware that, as the landlord, he would be responsible to update the path of travel to meet codes.

I was amazed to hear that Dr. D. had already signed the dental office lease and therefore had no negotiation options. To make matters worse his lease made it clear that the lessee would be responsible for making the upgrades. A proper dental office design and plan addresses these factors up front. In this case, I knew the upgrades costs would be substantial. Unfortunately for Dr. D., in his case it was a whopping $40,000!

It is the pulling of permits that triggers the city to require the handicap deficiencies to be repaired. However sometimes the city doesn’t catch the deficiency which is what happened with this dental office property. Two restaurants had already been built on the property within the last six months and the permits did not trigger the requirements. Unfortunately for Dr. D, the city caught their previous oversight this time and he was responsible for the repairs.

Luckily for Dr. D., the city and the two restaurants agreed that each tenant would share equally in the cost for repairs. To avoid paying for unexpected costly repairs I highly recommend that before you sign the lease be sure to have someone who has a strong knowledge of handicapped codes check the path of travel to your suite and an attorney or lease negotiator review your lease before you sign.

A Few more more dental office design case histories you may have missed …

Webinar – Your Ideal Dental Office And How To Achieve It

Update, we have rescheduled the Webinar for July 31st, at 6:30pm PDT.

Please join us for our next dental office design webinar on July 31st, at 6:30pm PDT.

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There are more obstacles and challenges than you can imagine creating today’s modern dental offices. I want to help you achieve your ideal dental office and avoid these common pitfalls and obstacles that cause so much frustration (and can cost you a lot of money too!)

In this webinar, we’ll cover the essential aspects that go into a proper dental office design.

  • Finding the right location, what may be wrong this location?
  • Finding the right financing, are you really getting the most for your money?
  • Finding the right contractor, will they really do a good job for you?
  • Technology and design for today and tomorrow?
  • Can I fit the equipment I want into my design?


This one hour webinar, offered at no charge, is scheduled for July 17th, at 6:30pm Pacific time. We will include a ten minute section at the end of the webinar to take and answer your questions as well.

And we will be granting CEU credits to all webinar attendees at no charge!

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Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume Becoming An Owner/Builder Will Save You Money

In this next dental office design installment, I want to talk about a situation that I run into from time to time. Occasionally I come across a dentist that plans on assuming the role of owner/builder and general contractor all rolled up into one as an attempt to save some money on their new dental office build out.

Usually, by the time I get involved, I’ve been asked to come in and pick up the pieces and solve some real problems that can occur.

The dental office design project where the dentist also plays the role of owner/builder goes something like this …

Dental Office Design - Construction Build OutIn addition to establishing your successful dental practice with all the schooling, training, knowledge and expertise that you’ve acquired, let’s also assume for the moment that you also have some prior experience as a builder and general contractor.

In this case, it might appear to make sense that you could save money by cutting out the general building contractor and performing these tasks and project responsibilities yourself.

Let me give you a case study why assuming the role of owner/builder for your next dental office build-out might not work out as ideally as you expect.

Dental Office Design Owner/Builder Case Study

Dr. B. got a good deal on a commercial condo and thought it was perfect for building his new dental office. He had been involved in constructing a dental office ten years prior and decided he knew enough about building a new office to be the Owner/Builder.

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