Meet George Fedyna

George Fedeyna - Unique Interior DesignsGeorge Fedyna, Certified Interior Designer, has been in the dental industry since 1980. He began his career selling merchandise and dental equipment for Healthco Company. George moved on to work with Joe Berman at JB Dental and used his formidable experience to create the dental equipment department for JB Dental.

When George began designing dental offices, design was not much more that laying out where to place the dental equipment and because most offices only needed a desk, a place for charts and a typewriter, Business Areas were generally considered insignificant. Waiting Rooms were often dark with only lamplight and had sliding glass windows that cut off staff from patients. State and federal regulations were minimal and lax so it was easy to lay out a space any way you thought best without concern for rejection by the city inspectors.

George realized he preferred design to sales and decided to devote his time exclusively to dental office design. He honed his craft and long ago saw that regulations were becoming more complex and more strictly enforced. In 1983 he earned his Interior Design Certification allowing him to stamp his plans and take them to the city for plan check approval. Through years of experience dealing with the many city building departments and studying the complex regulations, he learned the various and complex codes that need to be satisfied for you to build your office.

Today doctors have come to realize that intelligent dental office design is crucial to maximizing efficiency and profitability and so has the industry in general. George’s unique position developed through years of experience selling dental merchandise and equipment, thorough knowledge of code regulations and expertise in Dental Office Design, allows him to offer you a design perspective unrivaled in the industry.

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