Dental Office Design – What Is Space Allocation And Why Is It So Important

Many times a new client comes to me to design their dental office after they have committed to a particular space. They believe that they need the same amount of space in their new office as they had in the former office.

However, over the years, building codes have changed many times. In fact, typically, the codes change as frequently as every three years. Each time the codes change the amount of space needed is increased primarily because of the Americans With Disability Act requirements.

This brings us to the question of how much additional space is needed to accommodate the same number of operatories and meet the new codes. This is where Space Allocation comes in.

Seattle Dental Office - Space AllocationAs a Certified Interior Designer specializing in Dental Office Design for over 30 years, I fully understand the importance of accurate space allocation.

I developed a Space Allocation formula that I have used successfully for all of my doctors. The formula determines how much usable square footage is needed to have your office designed exactly the way that you want while incorporating the building codes.

The space allocation formula is unique to each doctor’s needs. It involves discussions of work flow, your dental delivery system, cabinet space allocation, your waiting room needs, etc. Each square foot of space is calculated based on your needs and combined with the building code requirements.

This formula provides you with the exact number of square feet you need to make your office suit your needs without eliminating any important areas or violating codes that would be very costly to correct once built. As we go through the allocation process I use my years of experience to suggest how to maximize your space so it will flow and function with efficiency.

If you are planning to move or remodel your office I recommend you consider contacting me to learn more about how I can provide you with the exact square footage that you need. I can provide the space allocation for anyone in any part of the country and if you give me a call at 818-606-5664 I’ll be happy to give you further information on this very important subject.

Why be disappointed that you can’t have everything you want the way that you want it in your new office?


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