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Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume Having Your Space Designed And Built By Your Landlord Will Be To Your Advantage

Published on January 27, 2012 By George Fedyna

Working through the many gotchas in a dental office design is trickier than it looks. One of the best ways I can illustrate the critical benefit of using a qualified dental office interior design professional is to share with you actual “real-world” case histories from working with some of our clients. In this dental office […]

Dental Office Design – Don’t Assume That All Interior Designers Are The Same

Published on October 21, 2011 By George Fedyna

This installment in our series of dental office design case histories focuses on the importance of selecting the right dental office designer. I’d like to start off with a testimonial from one of my clients that highlights the issue precisely (it really is much more compelling when if comes directly from a dentist that I’ve worked with). […]