Dental Office Interior Design

Dental and medical offices have unique requirements. Working with a professional experienced in healthcare design is essential to the ultimate success of your design. At Unique Interior Designs we have over 25 years experience designing dental and medical offices.


What do I want to achieve?
The first step in the process is to determine what your needs are. Obviously your existing space is not adequate and it is important to understand why, so we can be sure that your new space will meet your needs. We do an in-depth analysis touching on a variety of issues for you to consider so we know that you will have the right space in the right place.

Space Allocation

How much space do you really need?
Once we have a thorough understanding of your goal we move on to the space allocation phase. In this phase we determine the exact amount of square footage appropriate for your needs. It is necessary to keep in mind the extra space you may need to adhere to the various federal and local codes.

Initial Design Layout

What is the best design for me?
After we have determined the space requirements we begin work on the initial design layout. The two most important concepts to keep in mind when designing your suite are function and flow. Function and flow must be considered for each area to be sure each room is the correct size and properly positioned for convenience. We also discuss future needs. The space we design today should continue to work for you for as long as you plan to stay.

Unique Features

How can my suite be unique?
At Unique Interior Designs we pride ourselves on our creative abilities. We discuss what options are available and strive to set your office apart with unique designs that are within your budget. As an example lighting coves, wall or ceiling recesses, soffits, etc. can be designed in a variety of unusual shapes. Please see our picture gallery for some examples.

Custom Cabinetry Design

Do I need custom cabinets?
Cabinets are an essential part of any dental or medical office. Custom cabinetry design will ensure that they function to your specific needs. We use our design skills to develop cabinetry that will function with efficiency, may provide space saving advantages and can add to the esthetic appeal of your office.

Bid Plans

What are bid plans?
With the layout complete, we move on to the preparation of bid plans. Bid plans contain the specifications general contractors will need to provide you with an accurate bid. They can include Dimensioning, Carpentry, Reflected Ceiling and Lighting, Plumbing, Electrical, Lower and Upper Cabinets specifications and other necessary information. By asking essential questions and recommending options we obtain of the information to develop accurate bid plans.

Plan Fulfillment

What if my contractor has questions?
We believe in the value of good communication to get the job accomplished successfully. Our plans are computerized so that we can transfer them through electronic mail. During the bidding process or the build-out phase we will be happy to answer any questions related to the bid plans we prepared.

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