Dental Office Design – The Plan Behind The Vision

Do you have a vision for your dream dental office?

Whether you are establishing a new dental practice or remodeling or upgrading an existing dental office, if you’re like most dentists, you have a vision in mind that defines your ideal dental office.

At least, we hope you have a vision …

Perhaps you envision utilizing the latest technology with the newest innovations deployed throughout the office. Or you may have a sense of style or decor that reflects the image you want to project. That may be a feeling of comfort, calm, and tranquility. Or an esthetic sense elegance that projects confidence and quality of service.   

Whatever your vision may be, the important thing to understand is that your vision is uniquely your own. And, you need an effective plan to carry out this vision for your dental office. As obvious as this may seem to most, it’s amazing how many dentists skip the critical up-front planning. Or for some reason, they’re willing to borrow a dental office plan that was designed for someone else with different needs, requirements and vision.

A prosperous and thriving dental practice begins with a dental office design that reflects your unique vision. So many aspects of your dentistry business will drive directly from your dental office design. Your desire and willingness to perform the critical planning up front can make all the difference between a dental practice that meets your dream and vision and one that falls short.

Establishing a new environment for your dental practice, or upgrading and remodeling your existing dental office,  is probably the most subtantial single investments you’ll make in your business. And today, more than ever, there are so many factors that come in to play that add to the complexity. Be sure to allow yourself sufficient time to plan ahead and make the right decisions.

You also have to live with your decisions and choices for a long time. For the rest of your professional career, actually. If you get it wrong, you usually don’t have the chance to just go in and do it over. In fact, the opportunity to create your end-to-end dental office design may only come up once or twice throughout a twenty or thirty year dental business practice. So when you think of it in these time frames, it’s even more critical that you take the adequate time up front to perform the ever more important design effort.

When you get it right, you may never need to build again. This will drive efficiency and profitability for the long term into your dental business in so many ways.

When you get it wrong, your errors and mistakes will cost you dearly. Unfortunately, these mistakes have a way of haunting your business continuously, driving down the efficiency and reducing the profitability of your dental practice over the long term. Even worse, a dental office design that misses the mark can easily kill the morale of your entire office team.

With a poorly executed dental office design, about the only two aspects that go up are your costs and expenses, and your level of stress. And all of this is actually easy to avoid if you take the time to do the proper design and planning up front.

There are three key areas that an effective dental office design will address:

  • A superior level of patient care
  • Improved comfort for your patients and your office staff
  • Improved operational efficiency (which means a more profitable business)

More important, to leverage all of the advantages in these key areas, you have a better chance for success if you engage a  professional experienced in health care design. There are so many unique and specific aspects to dental office design, only a design professional with the sufficient years of experience can ensure that you reach your goal and vision.

 At Unique Interior Designs we have over 25 years experience and over 1300 dentist office designs under our belt. We’ve encountered just about every challenge and obstacle along the way and we can help you avoid many of the costly mistakes that you may not even see coming your way.

Why not get your dental office design project started on the right foot. Let’s have a conversation and see how we can help you reach your vision for your dental practice!

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