Dental Office Decorating – What Do You Need To Know?

The critical step of dental office decorating in a dental office design project can feel overwhelming. The myriad of choices and decisions can often leave you confused and uncertain.

Perhaps the following strikes a familiar chord?

Dr. P. leased a new dental office and as it was being built his general contractor handed him a chain set of Formica laminate color chips and asked, “what color do you want for your cabinets?”  Dr. P. looked at what seemed like 1,000 different colors and with a confused expression he said, “um…I don’t know, what do other dentists use?”

Dental office decorating can seem like an imposing task for anyone who has never had the experience.  Many people are unsure of their ability to select colors or have no clue where to begin.  Having worked with dentists for over 20 years I have come across many who would rather avoid the decorating process for as long as possible or have underestimated its importance.

The Dental Office Decorating Choices You Make Leave A Lasting Impression

Let’s talk about the importance of dental office decorating. In my previous blog post about Dental Office Decorating – Paint Colors I wrote “when a new patient opens your front door and walks into your office they are forming their first impression of you.  They will be surrounded by your color choices and décor.  What will their first impression of you be?”

Dental Office Decorating - Leave a Lasting First ImpressionMost doctors when asked what they would like their dental office to look like say they want it to feel relaxed, clean and welcoming.  But that can mean a lot of different things.  The first thing you should ask yourself is what makes you feel relaxed and welcome.

Think about a hotel lobby or restaurant you’ve visited where you enjoyed the atmosphere.  Try to recall the décor, what colors or materials attracted you? Check out the magazines. Although you may be focused on dental office decorating, many home decorating magazines have pictures that may provide you with color schemes you like.

The other area of importance is time. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make choices.  Sometimes after you have selected everything and you’re ready to order, you may find certain items are out of stock or have been discontinued.  Then you have to go back to the drawing board to find something else that fits within your completed color scheme.

When you don’t give yourself enough time, you may make a decision out of desperation, and your dental office decorating project can end up being more expensive or you may have to settle for something you don’t like.

Dental Office Decorating Categories To Think About

There are many decorating categories to consider and each category has many choices, so it’s best to give yourself lots of time to review your options.

Below are some dental office decorating categories to think about.

  • Flooring: see my previous  post “Dental Office Decorating – Flooring Choices
  • Wall Coverings: Paint, Wall Paper, Textured Walls, etc.
  • Cabinets: Laminate colors, Granite countertops, Drawer Handles, etc.
  • Window Coverings:  Blinds, Shades, Shutters, etc.
  • Lighting:  Wall Sconces, Pendant Lighting, Switch Plate Covers, etc.
  • Furniture:  Reception Seating, Task Chairs, etc.

With so many categories to consider and so many decisions to make, I recommend working with a qualified dental office interior decorator who can give you more insight into each material type.  In this way you can be sure that you have the best commercial grade choices along with the imagination of a professional who can get you through the dental office decorating process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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